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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the new model mean for me?

The BIG questions


How will this affect my current membership?  

All current AMCA members will need to apply for membership with the newly formed AMCA Australia, which means that your current membership will lapse. 

Depending upon the state or territory in which you are currently a member, you may find that your membership category no longer exists. That’s because we’ve reset our membership categories to reflect the industry better, allowing you to select a membership that best suits your business. 

If your company currently holds multiple AMCA memberships (that is, it has a membership in multiple states), these will be replaced by a single membership with AMCA Australia, providing membership benefits for your offices and staff right around the country. 


Will I receive the same benefits and services? 

We are taking the best of what each existing AMCA entity offers and making it available nationwide. In the short term, this means that AMCA members will continue to receive the same benefits and services as always. However, in the longer term, members will experience stronger representation at both state and federal level, higher quality benefits and services, and a better membership experience overall. 


How much does it cost? 

In addition to more tailored membership categories, we’ve scaled our pricing structure to attract and support all companies committed to the highest performance standards, regardless of size.  Download our new pricing structure here. 


Why now?

Over recent years, AMCA members have consistently reported tougher operating conditions across almost every aspect of their business. Such pressures have naturally increased the demand for broader, higher-quality, and more innovative products and services from the AMCA.

As a result, the AMCA National Council (made up of representatives from each state and territory) has been exploring ways of ensuring the AMCA can meet these needs. Following a comprehensive process that included an independent business review, specialist advice, and an evaluation of every aspect of association activities, we’ve concluded that the time is finally right for us to join forces.


What does this mean for the AMCA in my state or territory?

Each AMCA entity will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) where members will be asked to support a motion to cease operations. The motion will be accompanied by a recommendation from the board that members apply for a new membership with AMCA Australia. 

If members accept the motion according to the rules of constitution, each existing AMCA entity will cease to operate and transfer all assets, intellectual property, tools, and resources to the new AMCA Australia. 

Members in each state and territory will continue to be represented by newly formed Advisory Boards, which will provide leadership on local issues and feedback to the National Board regarding association performance. The Chair of each Advisory Board will hold a position on the AMCA Australia board. 

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